Your web hosting. For sale!

Sell any kind of web hosting you want (shared, reseller, vps, and dedicated servers). A description field lets you important information about each plan. You can even organize them by category! The account details field lets you sell anything (ie wordpress accounts or bulletin boards). With our web hosting control panel plugin accounts are created automatically after your customer submits their payment.

Automated domain registration.

We know that if your web hosting company wants to be taken seriously you need the ability to sell domains. With our domain plugin new domains are automatically registered immediately after customers payment. In addition, the admin panel lets you have complete control over what domain extensions you want to sell (as well as their registration/transfer prices).

Support tickets. Organized.

Email messaging is outdated. Keep track of EVERY message that comes into and leaves your web hosting company. Each time an admin posts a message the user receives an email notification. The notification contains a quick reply link that lets the user post a message without having to log back into the control panel (an extra step that other support ticket systems make you do).

PDF Invoices

Hostvise gives you the ability to generate your own BRANDED PDF invoices. Every time a customer needs to make a payment a PDF invoice is automatically generated. The invoice allows the user to see the contents of the purchase. This is an excellent way to keep track of who o

Wheres the money?

Tracking your income has never been easier. The invoices section of the admin panel shows you all the latest invoices that have been issued by Hostvise. You can even sort by paid/unpaid status to quickly find out what customers owe you money. You can enter invoice payments yourself if you have a customer that pays with cash or check.


The administrative section of the HostVise software is an integral part of managing your web hosting company. Keep track of plugin information, server status, and manage your web hosting/domains for sale. To explore our software in more detail please visit our billing demo.