Hostvise was designed to make it easy for your company to sell web hosting plans. The Hosting Plans page of the customer area displays all of your plans available for purchase (in 4 time periods: monthly, quarterly, semianually and yearly). Customers can select a plan for purchase by clicking on the “add to cart button”.


A convenient pop up launches when the “add to cart” button is clicked. This allows the customer to setup a way to reference the plan. In the admin panel you can select if a plan comes with a free domain or not. You can also select whether the plan offers a free subdomain. Once the user makes a choice, the plan (and possible domain) will be added to the users cart – where they can complete their purchase.


In the admin panel you can manage all the web hosting plans you want your company to sell.


With Hostvise you have the ability to offer free plans. If a plan has free pricing a “0″ should be entered. If you want to ignore a pricing option an “X” should be entered. The “Control Panel Name” field allows you to specify a plan if you want your control panel plugin to automatically create a plan. If this field is left blank – a hosting account will NOT automatically be created after purchase.


For convenience, and to make browsing the customer panel easier you can separate plans into categories.


In addition Hostvise manages all your web hosting purchases in an easy to manage way.


Much of the purchase information about a hosting purchase is copied over from the corresponding “hosting plan”. The “purchase date” and “next payment date” are smart fields. They will take values like “today”, “yesterday”, and “+1 month” and convert them to timestamps. The next payment date is important as it tells the daily cron job when to make a new invoice. It is also important to note that purchases added this way will NOT be created by your control panel plugin – you must do this manually. This is to avoid the possibility that the purchase already exists.