Domain Plugins

The file responsible for the domain plugin is hostvise/plugins/domaingateway.php – if you wish to install a new plugin, the new plugin should replace the existing one.


For Developers

The domain plugin is located in the hostvise tree structure at plugins/domaingateway.php.

Structure of plugins/dpanel.php


// this class deals with automated domain creation (Namecheap)

// language name of domain panel - DEFFINITION NEEDED
define(LANG_DPANEL, "namecheap");

// not needed, but used for this particular definition
define(LANG_ENV, "");

class dPanel
	var $user = null;
	var $hash = null;

	public function __construct()
		// constructor
		global $SETTING;
		$this->user = $SETTING[S_DPANELUSER];
		$this->hash = $SETTING[S_DPANELHASH]

	private function execute($query)
		// remove white space
		$query = str_replace(' ','',$query);	

		// executes a query
		$ch = curl_init();

		curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, LANG_ENV . $query);
		curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER,1);
		$contents = curl_exec($ch);

		// optinal mail contents for debugging
		//mail("","results",$contents . $query,null);

	public function create($domainid)
		// creates a domain
		global $SETTING;

		// gets domain information
		$dinfo = mysql_grab_id(DOWNED,$domainid);	

                // create new domain

	public function renew($domainid)
		$dinfo = mysql_grab_id(DOWNED,$domainid);	

                //$dinfo is an array of domain variables
                // renew domain here