The Hostvise Billing system is by far the quickest checkout system. A user can complete their purchase of one (or more items) without ever leaving the checkout page. This is because a customer can “login” or “create an account” all from the checkout page – increasing the likelihood of customers finishing the purchase.


Once a user has pressed the Complete order button at the bottom of the order page an invoice is automatically generated. The user can now “view the invoice” or depending on your billing plugin (payment method) – pay for the invoice. In some cases, if the total of the invoice is $0 – the user can automatically activate the products.


If the user chooses to view the invoice, they will be brought to a HTML document embedded with your company logo (specified in the settings). Hostvise will also generate a downloadable PDF for the user to keep for their records if they choose to do so. In addition if the user closes the page by mistake (or on purpose) the invoice is saved so they can come back to pay for the purchase at a later time.