Hostvise makes it simple to search for and register domain names. They can be purchased with a plan, or as a stand alone product. With the domain plugin your customers can instantly register domain names after purchases are made.


You can manage the available top level domain extensions that your company offers through the administrative panel. Simply fill out a new entry to add a new TLD. The system has the ability to search for the domain, without the requirement of a plugin. Every domain that you add here can be purchased by your customers.


Shown below is a brief list of popular TLDs and their WHOIS server/Response codes (this information is necessary to add a new TLD). In addition you can add pricing information based on a register or transfer (both prices are required).


Managing all domain purchases is simple in the admin panel. Administrators can individually modify creation/expiration dates based on outside payments (ie cash).


Editing or adding a domain purchase manually is also possible. The “purchase date” and “next payment date” are smart fields. They will take values like “today”, “yesterday”, and “+1 month” and convert them to timestamps. The next payment date is important as it tells the daily cron job when to make a new invoice.